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Thin French

This type of sandwich is the driving force of our products, which is why it is more often than not found in vending machines.
The type of bread used is a milk roll mix of around 60 grams which is hand baked and is completed with a selection of fillings (homemade salami ham without polyphosphates, mortadella, bacon, cheese, speck ham, prosciutto ham, etc, or a mix of certain cold cuts with cheeses and has a total weight of around 100 grams.
The product is packaged in a sealed environment which means it has a shelf life of two to three weeks depending on the type of filling.
It makes a great snack and even a classic “pit stop” snack or indeed a quick meal given the varied fillings.


This is a new line of high level products which our Company has created and is distinguished as having particular fillings and innovative packaging.
Although the bread is made using the same milk roll mix recipe as above, it is a higher quality dough and is characterised by how soft the bread is.
Currently only three variations are made but a future range of fillings is under study in order to offer customers greater choice.
It has a shelf life of three weeks.

Super tris

This is our Company’s “historic” sandwich and the product that has over time, maintained the highest production value over all other types of sandwich.
It is made with three layers of soft sliced bread and two layers of filling which are either just sauces or a mix of sauce and salami together, and has an overall weight of 80 grams.
What makes this a high quality sandwich is without a doubt the fact that the sauces are all homemade and above all are made using only the finest ingredients.
In total there are six different types and each has a shelf life of three weeks.
This sandwich is a good and tastier, alternative to the classic sandwich.

Big filling sliced bread sandwich

This is part of our new line of higher quality products with a wide variety and generous portion, of fillings.
After trying this, you will not be left unsatisfied.
As with the three layer sandwich, this one also has three layers made from triangular cut bread; its packaging also makes it different, as opposed to the usual thermoforming packaging for sandwiches, for this type of product it is a specifically designed easy-open packet.
There are 14 different types of fillings using homemade and semi-finished sauces all of which are of optimum quality.
Using thermoforming packaging technology means the products have a shelf life of 4 weeks.

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